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Clan (TKC) Tournament Bracket Builder Information
This tournament manager was built for Clan TKC and because of this, a couple of features are disabled for non-clan members, however the following tools are available to anyone who creates a tournament.
  • Ability to assign seeds to individual players.
  • Ability to create single AND double elimination tournament brackets.
  • Ability to create brackets with random matchups.
  • Tournaments with uneven number of participants will have byes automatically determined based on seed or random.
  • Ability to re-generate bracket in the event of last minute addition or withdrawl.
Now if you are ready to create a tournament, follow the steps below.
  • Start by creating a new tournament.
  • After configuring your tournament, add the players.
  • If you are building a tournament based on your own seeds, place the seed number you wish next to each player in the box provided by their name.
  • Once you have added all players, generate your tournament bracket.
  • If needed you may edit your tournament. If you add or later remove players after the tournament bracket has been generated you must re-generate the bracket to reflect changes.
  • If you change player seeds after the bracket has been generated, you must re-generate the bracket from the view bracket screen, or once prompted at your bracket view.
  • Finally, as the tournament is played, you will need to declare winners for each game. To do this you must login with your tournament organizer username. Now you will be given a list of tournaments you created. Choose and click the appropriate tournament. Now you are taken to the edit tournament page. To declare a winner, click "View Bracket", now you are taken to the bracket draw. Now simply click the game number (its the little blue number). Now you're taken to the declare a winner screen, select the winner then upload a demo if have one and click the submit button. Thats it! If you uploaded a demo that link will now become active and anyone can download and watch the match.

If you are a TKC administrator and would like an explanation of the points system, read below.

In order to use our ranking system, the points system must be used. All rankings are determined by the points system. Points are awarded as follows:

Single Elimination: All wins are worth 3 points. If you play in a 8 man tournament and win 2 games, you earn 6 points.
Double Elimination: Because a double elimination tournament consists of 3 brackets, (winners, losers, championship) each bracket type is worth a different set of points. All wins in the winners bracket are worth 3 points. All wins in the losers bracket are worth 1 point. Finally, all wins in the championship bracket are worth 2 points.

The points awarded in all tournaments divided by the number of games you've played, will determine your rank, which in turn will determine player matchups in seeded tournaments. You must compete in at least 4 matches before you are eligiable to be ranked. Players with the most points and highest ranking will be awarded the best positions in a seeded tournament bracket. This will include any byes that might be available in the first round. Players that have not competed in at least 4 matches will have no ranking and will have to play the toughest opponents in a seeded tournament. Please be aware that to obtain a good rank it is important that most of your wins come in the winners bracket as you receive 3 points per win. If you are knocked into the losers bracket early on, yet advance far, even to the finals, most likely several teams will have a better PPG average than you. Winning in the winners bracket has its advantages.