Post Sat Feb 23, 2019 7:29 pm

New Candidate: FrostedWheats/ FrostedSucks

Hello everyone. I've been playing in TKC on BF3 PC since 2015, or so. It's literally the only US 32man server that's well known and playable (I originally had BF3 for 360.) There's been countless hackers throughout the games I've played and not enough active admins throughout the day to catch them. So, I am finally going to apply to join your guys' clan in hopes we can change this and better the server for everyone's enjoyment of the game. (I'm aware it'll take time to ever be considered a server admin, but either way, I'm looking to join TKC.)

A little about me:
1) What is your first name? Jake
2) Where do you live? Ohio/ USA
3) What is your favorite PC game? BF3, Quake, MMO's.
4) What is your all-time favorite movie? Rambo
5) What kind of music/acts do you like? 70's/80's rock, metal, Metallica, FFDP, etc.
6) Do you play any sports? Do eSports count? Use to bowl, played baseball and soccer as a kid.
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