(TKC)KingLoser - Dossier (ribbons, medals & bio)
Status: Clan Leader
Current Name: (TKC)KingLoser
Known Alias: Jeremy
Recruitment Division: Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
Current Division: Battlefield 3
Attempted Server Seeds: 179
Join Date: May 20th 2008
Age: 39
Latest Intel
The information herein represents the most recent intel, gathered by our agents, at great personal risk. Activity: (TKC)KingLoser (alias: Jeremy) is currently not very active within TKC and has obtained the status of "Clan Leader" within the organization. The subject has been active with this rogue "clan" for 1 decade 2 years. Financial Commitment: It appears that this person has provided a large amount of resources in the form of financial backing for the organization, showing a firm commitment to advancing the cause of TKC. Skill: Our agents report that the subject is skilled on the battlefield and has won multiple elite ribbons showing a true talent for "getting the job done". In addition, the subject has won an event ribbon which is earned by defeating his own clan members in head-to-head competition, a brutal contest of talent with only one winner. Value: Due to the provided intel, at this time we consider the subject a high value target.