(TKC) λndersony † - Dossier (ribbons, medals & bio)
Status: Division Leader
Current Name: (TKC) λndersony †
Known Alias: Brett Anderson
Recruitment Division: Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
Current Division: Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
Attempted Server Seeds: 828
Join Date: Sep 24th 2010
Age: 52
Latest Intel
The information herein represents the most recent intel, gathered by our agents, at great personal risk. Activity: (TKC) λndersony † (alias: Brett) is currently not very active within TKC and has obtained the status of "Division Leader" within the organization. The subject has been active with this rogue "clan" for 9 years 12 months. Financial Commitment: It appears that this person has provided some financial backing for the organization, showing a commitment to advancing the cause of TKC. Skill: Our agents report that the subject is adaquately skilled on the battlefield and has shown some ability to "get the job done" by winning at least one elite ribbon that indicates some special skill. Value: Due to the provided intel, at this time we consider the subject a medium value target.