So you want to be a member of TKC (The Killing Committee). Or maybe you're already a member but need a reminder of our rules, either way, it is important to any clan's survival for it to maintain a set of rules. Rules that apply to each and every member. TKC is a fairly strict clan when it comes to it's members conduct. We believe in manner, sportsmanship and respect for all players. If you do not believe you can follow the rules set forth here, then you should not attempt to join TKC. If, however, you accept the oath at the bottom of this page, you are bound to that oath and failure to adhere to our code of conduct could lead to dismissal.

Please do not take this code of conduct lightly. If you accept the oath at the bottom of the page and do not bother to read what lies in the code of conduct, you are endangering your membership in TKC.

TKC Member & Member Candidate Code of Conduct

1. Follow all the rules on or off our servers. These rules can be found on the splash page (i.e. the page that you see when you first get into a game). Every game has its own set of rules so please read them. The rules that are listed below are general TKC rules that apply to all games and divisions. These rules are in place to provide a friendly environment in which to play. Remember: You are an example of what TKC is and at all times should represent the clan favorably.

TKC Server Rules

  1. Swearing only allowed in public Teamspeak channels for rated M games - [Click for details]

  2. No cheating - [Click for details]

  3. Respect all members of every gaming community - [Click for details]

  4. Wear your tags - [Click for details]

  5. Team killing is strictly forbidden - [Click for details]

  6. Microphone and text spam is strictly forbidden - [Click for details]

  7. Team stacking or team switching is not allowed unless it is to balance a team - [Click for details]

  8. No inappropriate sprays (for games that allow it)- [Click for details]

  9. Racist or sexist remarks will not be tolerated - [Click for details]

2. Remain active within the community. Check the forums once or twice a week, your bound to find a conversation worth commenting on. We have weekly get togethers on Wednesday nights at 7pm central time. Each Wednesday we rotate what server we meet up on. Check the calendar for detals. In addition, every other Saturday we get together at 4pm central time for our BC2 server raid parties. Again, check the calendar for details. While some of the clan cannot participate in all the events there is bound to be one event that you can show up to at least every couple months. On our website, under the "Members" tab, each member, including candidates, have an activity meter which displays how much you are participating in the clan. Be aware that it is very easy for anyone to see this meter. We're not asking you to give up any playing time or give up your real life to play games with the clan. We are just asking for participation in the clan which you wanted to join. Being a clan is more than just wearing tags and playing a game, were trying to create a true community feeling.

3. No multiple clan memberships. If TKC participates in a game (i.e. BC2, L4D, L4D2, TF2, HL2DM), you are not allowed to be a part of any clan also affiliated with those gaming communities. If however you are a member of a clan that participates in a game we as a clan do not support, you may be a member of that clan however we ask that you limit your participation in that clan to only that game which TKC does not support. If you are confused about this rule, bring the situation to a clan leader and we can help you decide if joining another clan would be within the rules of TKC.

4. Be respectful of visitors to our servers. You represent your clan. If you are having a bad day and aren't being well mannered, then you are showing that TKC is a bad mannered group not worthy of respect. If you are found to be acting in a way that is detrimental to the good name of TKC, you will be dealt with up to, and including, possible removal from the clan. Remember: You are an example of what TKC is and at all times should represent the clan favorably.

5. Members are expected to police themselves. If you witness a clan member breaking a rule we want to know about it. If it was something out of character and you feel it was just a screw up and they apologize, then maybe it isn't necessary to report that person, however if you feel they are simply forgetting about the rules, or ignoring them, we want you to PM one of the leaders. We will do our best to keep the person who reported the incident anonymous. If the person who broke the rule finds out who notified leadership and then starts something with the person who reported it, this will make matters worse and we will be forced to take action against them. Reporting inappropriate behavior is a duty of every clan member.

6. Donations. Donating is not a requirement, however if you have the means we do ask that you throw your clan a little cash from time to time. It costs lots of money to maintain our game servers and website, not to mention the extras we pay for from time to time such as clan medals, professional made logo, website space and content, etc. Without your dontations, TKC will fade away in time. We ask that you try your best to throw the clan some money on a periodic bases and not just give a $10 donation and never help again. Unfortunately our bills come every month and the more money we have in our account, the more servers we can maintain, the more cool stuff the clan can give back to its members.

I am a current TKC member
I am applying to become a member

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Code of Conduct and I give my oath that I will do my very best to adhere to the rules set forth and I know that if I fail to follow these rules I am subject to punishment up to and including dismissal from the clan.